Monday, June 18, 2007

Thrift Finds and Sock Monkies

Well I have to say, my favorite store in town never disappoints. I found some great linens, a few vintage planters, vintage red heel socks and a few other items all priced between .50 to 2.00. I love a bargain but even more a vintage bargain. I have seen the sock monkey craze and thought long and hard about making one. I think it takes a special kind of person to love a sock monkey. I thinks its because they're ugly and cute all at the same time. This one will probably go to my sister. Her birthday is in July and growing up she collected all kinds of monkies and guess what her nickname was. You got it MONKEY. So here is the monkey almost complete. I have to finish stuffing the arms and tail and attach everything. Enjoy the day. Its supposed to be in the 90s today and we haven't seen a rain in about a month now.

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joanne said...

cute sock monkey!