Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day Two....feeling overwhelmed

Okay so its only day two and I am already feeling overwhelmed. With what to write about?? Then again, once you start it just kind of comes naturally. My babes are going to the pool today and I always worry when they're not with me. I realized I'm not sending them into the wild blue yonder on their own......BUT do the adults caring charge of my brood realize who they are dealing with? Those sweet little faces are deceiving and I know cause I'm the momma!

On a different note I am wanting to add things to my Esty shop and have problems with the header or what ever you call the thing at the top with the logo, wait is the banner. Oh well anyway I had a picture and it doesn't fit the size. I want everything to look professional and it looks like my four year old did. Actually he could do better:) Oh well if you have some advice send it my way.

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robertaj said...

I would love to help you with that! If you'd like a hand, please, write to me at