Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Blues?

Good Monday Morning,

Do you ever have those daunting feelings that you have so many projects, commitments, ideas in your head that you will never get them all done. That is where I am at this morning. I have made a commitment to make a 2010 Winter Olympic softie/s for the plush you contest My catagory is ice I have an idea and started that project.

My cousin owns a flower shop and I love to go and help her on valentines day. It is crazy insane and I love the madness make me push myself to a whole new level.

Then there is the kid's valentine party at school, the sock hop dance on Friday night...filing of the taxes....still trying to make new items to put in my etsy store....wondering if what I am making does anyone really like......Do you see where this is going. I tell you where it going on and on and on.

But I guess that is what inspires me to push on, the knowledge that I will always have something to do....and this little guys face of course.. Notice the Salvador Dali mustache. Thats my little man. Cocoa face and all.